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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all products and services provided by Patrick Koduah Pictures.

All work is carried out by Patrick Koduah Pictures on the understanding that the client has agreed to Patrick Koduah Pictures terms and conditions.

A. Fees

1. For each design, the customer will receive an estimate outlining the design specifications and estimated fees. Any goods or services commissioned by Patrick Koduah Pictures for the purpose of the design will also be included in the design fee.

2. Patrick Koduah Pictures will begin work on the design upon the customer's written or oral approval of the estimate, constituting an agreement between the customer and Patrick Koduah Pictures.

3. The customer agrees to pay Patrick Koduah Pictures in accordance with the terms set out in the initial agreement and estimate.

B. Payment

1. Payment shall be made by the preferred method of bank transfer before goods can be released.

2. If especially requested, payment may be permitted through Paypal, with the addition of the Paypal standard rate transfer fee.

3. A non- refundable 50% deposit will be required from all customers working with Patrick Koduah Pictures for the first time. Work on the project will not commence until Patrick Koduah Pictures has received this amount.

C. Passing of Title and Risk

1. All risk in goods shall pass on to the recipient upon delivery.

2. All goods remain full property of Patrick Koduah Pictures until payment has been received in full.

3. Until payment has been received, all goods shall be marked in such a way that they may be readily identifiable as property of Patrick Koduah Pictures. e.g. by watermarking.

4. Where full payment has not been made, designs will be subject to withdrawal and will remain the property of Patrick Koduah Pictures.

D. Claims & Liability

1. All claims regarding the quality and standard of designs must be made in writing so as to be received within 5 days of delivery, or designs shall be deemed to have met the requisite quality and standards made within the contract.

2. Claims regarding non-delivery must be made in writing so as to be received within 5 days of receipt from invoice.

3. All designs must be thoroughly examined upon delivery. Patrick Koduah Pictures shall not be made liable for any errors e.g. spelling mistakes resulting from inaccurate briefing.

E. Charges

1. A cancellation charge will be imposed on all cancelled projects, including a charge proportional to the amount of work done at the time of cancellation.

2. Design amendments resulting from any mistakes or oversights on the part of the customer e.g. within the customer brief, will be subject to a charge proportional to the time taken on the amount of additional work required.

Copyright is retained by Patrick Koduah Pictures on all design work including words, pictures, ideas, visuals and illustrations (unless specifically released in writing) and after all costs have been settled.

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